Tried 2 new recipes this week found on Pinterest. 1 winner and 1 loser…

First the Winner
taco soup

Chicken Taco Soup —–YUMMY!!! This recipe originally came from Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine and I came across it during a Pinterest session.  I’m trying to watch the carbs and fat so I thought I would give it a go.  LOVED IT!!!!! My kids, 5 and 17, loved it too. Hubby is doing no carbs so he didn’t try it. I think when I make it again I will use lean ground beef or ground bison because I like ground meat in my tacos.  We topped it with a sprinkle of cheese and then a bit of crushed tortilla chips. Did I already say YUMMY!!!

Now for the LOSER


For this recipe I gave up my usual notion to use as many from scratch ingredients as I could in favor of making something simple and quick to feed my girls  on  an especially busy weeknight.  The one thing I changed was that I used italian seasoned ground turkey and made my own meatballs for this because I couldn’t find meatballs that didn’t scare the bejeezus out of me.  I was so looking forward to eating these as a little break from the carb counting.  I made a nice big salad to go with them to counteract the fatteningness. (is that a word?)  We ate our salads while we waited for them to come out of the oven and salivated at the smells they were creating in the kitchen.  As soon as they came out I brushed a bit of garlic butter on the tops just for added flavor.

What a disappointment! Even my daughters weren’t fans. I think it was the biscuit dough. Just didn’t taste right with the italian meatballs, cheese and sauce.  Definitely not making this again. The Taco soup…YUMMY!!! (just in case you didn’t get it the first few times)

Happy Thursday!


Super awesome chocolate chip cookie recipe!


(Not my photo, here’s the link where I got the photo/recipe—-

I’ve been doing a lot of Pinterest-ing lately, much more than I care to admit actually. Yesterday I ran across this post about these awesome chocolate chip cookies and so I repinned it to make some day. Then miraculously my 5 yr old Lily managed to complete her homework in less than 30 minutes; which normally is at least an hour + ordeal, all 5 sentences. With the extra time on my hands and cookies on my mind I suggested we bake.  She loves to help cook and I enjoy cooking with her, plus I seriously love chocolate chip cookies. A warm, gooey, chewy chocolate chip cookie is my absolute most favorite desert, hands down, no if, ands, or buts about it!!!!!  After retrieving the recipe, scanning the list of necessary ingredients and mixing up the dough I realize, much to our disappointment, that the dough is supposed to sit in the fridge for 24-36 hours BEFORE you bake them. DANG! So…..

Off we went to make some very overdue thank you cards for some of the Christmas gifts Lily received from family far away, not to mention some much needed distraction from the cookie dough we can’t bake…..well…. after a measly 2 hours we (meaning me) couldn’t wait and baked 4 cookies in our toaster oven.  If 2 hours in the fridge made them that good I can only imagine what 24 hours will do to the dough. O.M.G. it was good!!! Chewy, slightly crunchy exterior, super chocolatey…Alex, my teenage daughter, said they were the best ones I have ever made. I have tried hundreds of recipes to make them, hundreds! I honestly don’t think I have ever used the same recipe twice. I started the quest for the perfect recipe when I was in my early 20’s, if not before.

I can’t wait for tomorrow night. I know what I’m having for dinner, what I’m having for desert and my midnight snack. 😉

The “Poker” inspired card as promised…


My husband has a regular poker game with his buddies so I thought this card would be something he’d appreciate. I’m not posting what I wrote on the inside because its personal but I use the poker phrase “All In!!” (Get your mind out of the gutter) He loved it! As I knew he would :).  I used my imagination, Silhouette Cameo and colored cardstock.
Happy Tuesday

Not much to report….

Was a very busy weekend and I didn’t have much time for crafting, cooking or creativity of any sort. There was a sleepover, a dance performance and my 6 yr wedding anniversary. I made my husband a poker themed card, which I promise to post a pic of tomorrow. Right now I’m headed to bed. Nite ya’ll!

Yummy, yummy in my tummy!

It’s been rainy and windy outside all day today and it’s supposed to keep raining for a while; they are even saying there is a chance of flooding.  If that happens I sure hope they cancel school BEFORE I get there instead of after I’m already there.  The weather has been dreary for days, don’t get me wrong I like rain. I like the smell of it, the sound it makes when it lands on something, even how it feels when I’m running through it,  (yes I still go outside and play in the rain if there’s no lightning)  but I don’t think we’ve seen the Sun for like 5 days and I’m starting to kinda miss it.

It’s not cold though and that makes me really happy. I hate cold weather. I get cold so easily. All day today at work I was like a popsicle.  I think its like 65 out and I swear they have the AC on full-blast in my building.  I was wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt, a cardigan and my North Face knock-off most of the day. If I had had gloves with me I would have been wearing those too.  The good thing about being cold all day is it prompted me to want to make something warm and yummy for dinner….like soup! I made Chicken and Sausage Gumbo a la Emeril Lagasse.  Man is that stuff good.  Now I will confess that I didn’t have the time to make it completely from scratch due to my stinkin’ job getting in the way of my creative time, but for a time crunched version this stuff is pretty dang good. (Please excuse the not-so great photo. I’m terrible at photography)


The original recipe calls for making a dark roux (20-25) minutes, sautéing the veggies and andouille sausage in the roux and then adding chicken stock and boiling for 1 hour.  After that you add boneless chicken meat and cook another 2 hours.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to cook and pride myself on cooking dang near everything from scratch, but after working all day, taking one kid to the dr and then swinging by the vets office for stitches removal, the last thing I felt like doing when I got home was cooking for almost 4 hours.  We wouldn’t have eaten until like 8 o’clock.    So I shortened the times by not making the roux quite as dark as I should have and using a rotisserie chicken.  Sacrilege!! I know. But a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.  I will come to my own defense and say that I have made this gumbo numerous times (once the power went out right when I was adding the andouille and I kept on cooking, albeit by candle light) and this tastes 95% as good as the original.  I may even use this shortcut more often. Shhh don’t tell my husband, he isn’t home yet and I wonder if he will be able to tell the difference. He won’t mind;  I’m just curious.

The full recipe that I normally use can be found by going to

P.S. I used Brown Minute Rice too!

P.S.S. With the time I saved I might even get to make a card. 🙂

2 Comments already! I feel so popular :) Oh and another card…

At 8:32 a.m. my eyes opened while the rest of me was screaming “Please no, don’t get up yet!!! There’s still time left for sleeping.”  Alas no, it was too late, I had already seen the light. So of course I did the first thing most people do between the ages of 12 and dead…looked at my cell phone to see what I had missed out on in the middle of the night (come on you know you do it too).  Much to my surprise I saw that my little blog had received 2 comments and 9 or so views.

Now I’m thinking at least 5 of those were me looking at my own blog trying to decide if I liked what I had started or if there were changes that needed to be made.  I’m still not sure about the theme I chose, don’t get me wrong, I like it an all, but I liked so many of them.  If you could have been next to me while I was choosing one you would have thought I had multiple personalities and they were arguing inside my head. I think I tried just about every free theme WordPress had to offer, but ultimately went back to this one because it was pretty.  LOL!  I’m a girl and I like pretty. Sue me.

So after checking my phone and completing all the other morning tasks one does I trudged out to the kitchen. I started up my computer, made some coffee, then sat down to see how my little blog was doing and to approve the comments. It felt so official. I’m sure in time if I should suddenly become all-the-rage it will be annoying to have to approve every comment and maybe there is a way to turn it off that I’m not aware of.  Any takers out there wanna help me out?

Once I had the oh so time consuming task of approving the comments I decided to work on a little card that I had been mulling over in my brain for a few days.  The inspiration for the card came from a YouTube video I had watched after we first got our Silhouette Cameo and I was trying to learn how to work it. The video was done by Chris416ward and she made an owl shaped happy birthday card.  I thought it was cute so I created my own version using what I had at my disposal.

Here is the card:

owl front with byline

owl inside with byline

I used our Cameo to cut out the owl parts and make the card base. For the sentiment on the front I used the same punch used for the inspirational owl card, but I used the print and cut feature of the Cameo to add the words.  Also used the print and cut feature of the Cameo to add the “Hope its a HOOT!” to the inside of the card, although I think it’s supposed to be “WHOOT!” Oh well too late now.

Again I have no one in particular to give it to, but I had time on my hands before my youngest, Liliana came back from her sleepover at Gma’s and the oldest, Alexandria (Alex or Kat or Al or Zandria…or whatever she wants to change it to this week), woke up.  She’s a teenager, they tend to sleep in.

Here is what I used:

Recollections card stock – light purple, light yellow, pink and orange

Patterned paper and green paper – no idea, just one of those pieces you can buy individually at craft stores, I had some scraps that I like to try to use up

Googly eyes

Ek Success 3-in-1 punch – I used the largest setting for the sentiment

Silhouette Cameo

Canon printer

I can’t think of anything else.   Enjoy!

Tomorrow I go back to work so I really need to go to bed now and wouldn’t you know it my eyes are the ones screaming this time. Go figure…LOL!

Thank you card

I created this simple “Thanks” card the other night after my youngest had gone to bed.  Currently I’m on winter break from my teaching job so I have a bit more time on my hands to do some crafting.  I don’t exactly have someone to send it to at the moment, but I didn’t want to let the idea get away from me.

I’m kinda a newbie at this whole card making thing so be kind with your criticisms. 🙂

Here is the list of supplies I used: (all purchased from a local hobby/crafting store)

Recollections – dark pink card stock

Martha Stewart – Stamp Around the Page

Color Box pigment ink – White

Offray “Spool O’ Ribbon” – green ribbon

the Paper Studio – polka dot paper

White card stock for embossed square and “Thanks” sentiment

Silhouette Studio – print and cut for the sentiment

Cuttlebug and embossing folder

my computer and printer

My very first blog posting ever….



So I was inspired to start a blog after doing a web search for other blogs and finding so many great people out there with great ideas for foods, crafts, DIY projects and people who just wrote about life from their point of view.

Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Lyndsey. I’m 34, married just about 6 year with 2 daughters, 5 and 17, and a full-time teaching job. I don’t have a lot of spare time to devote to hobbies and other interests, but when I get a chance to create something I think it could be fun to share it with others. Who knows I might inspire someone else to create something great!

What is this blog going to be all about…anything I want it to be, it is mine after all.  Some days I might post a recipe that I tried out or created myself and other days I might post a project am I working on, like a card I made or a DIY project. Perhaps I will stumble across something interesting on the internet or have a truly inspiring thought I want to share.  Maybe I’ll take a great vacation or learn a new skill. Who knows?

I guess what I’m trying to say is you’ll just have to stay tuned to see what comes next…

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