Mayhem and creative therapy….

It’s been spring break here this week for our family and Friday I ventured out to the Children’s Museum of Houston with Lily.  She had a blast, I on the other hand was ready to go as soon as we got there.  I know that sounds awful, but if you have ever been there you know its a really nice museum for kids with lots to do, see, touch, feel, play with and throw in the air; as for adults it’s loud, dirty, cramped, and full of kids running around unmanned. It’s almost like the moment they enter the front doors  the parents just throw their hands up the air, put in ear plugs and close their eyes to what their children are doing. Not all of them, but WAY TOO MANY of them.

Maybe I’m trying too hard or maybe it’s the science teacher in me, but I like to try to read the directions for the activities or the explanations for the whatever we are looking at to Lily so she just maybe, perhaps learns just a smidgen of something while we are there.  I also don’t let her cut in line, push other children out of the way, step on their toes and/or wedge herself between others and the displays.  I can not count how many times we were trying to look at/do something and other children would come and destroy what we were building or “help” or just push her out of the way.  Lily is no pushover so she would say very loudly “Hey! I was there first!” and then take back whatever she had (taking into account the age of the child of course) so we could continue to “learn.”  Don’t get me wrong I’m all for free exploration and fun, but not at the expense of someone else’s enjoyment…just saying.

Lily redesigning a lego car she tested on the ramp that failed miserably.

Lily redesigning a lego car she tested on the ramp that failed miserably.

We made a bridge!!

We made a bridge!!

I should also mention that we were at the museum last Saturday for a dance performance that my oldest was part of with her dance team from Planet Funk Academy.  So I guess 2x in one week was a little more than I needed…lol.  But we only stayed 3 hours last weekend and I promised that I would bring Lily back later in the week.

Anyways after 41/2 hours and a successful “Coconut Climb” we left to get some late lunch/early dinner and then headed home.  On the way home I thought about what I could do to relax and keep Lily busy at the same time…bake and craft….that always does the trick.

We made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I had seen the recipe on Pinterest and was looking for an excuse to make it.  The stress of the morning was exactly the excuse I needed. 🙂


Careful measurements…


attempting to spray the pan….


baked to perfection…


frosting the cake and our fingers…


SO GOOD!!!! (click image to be taken to recipe)

Once the cake was done and we had each had a piece it was time for a quick visit to Gma and Papa’s house to deliver some cake to them and say our farewells to gma’s friend that had been visiting from Turkey, Sudiye (Sue-dee-yay). Lily conspired with Gma and Sudiye to convince me to let her stay the night so home I went sans one kid.  Once home and showered, I decided to do some card making.  I visited a few of my favorite blogs beforehand to get inspired because my brain was not cooperating.  I came across the Simon Says Stamp Challenge for the week and used their sketches to help me use up some of my scraps.

Click here to see the sketches.


Sketch 1 ish


Sketch 2 ish


I took a little more creative liberty with this one 🙂

This one is just using what paper was still leftover.

This one is just using what paper was still leftover.


These cards are all pretty small. They are 4 1/4 in x 5 1/2 in.  I used up the leftover papers from the card I made my brother the other day. The supplies: Recollections card stock from Michaels, buttons I’ve had lying around, baker’s twine and I repurposed some very boring/plain white thank you cards as the card base.

Happy Sunday!


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