2 Comments already! I feel so popular :) Oh and another card…

At 8:32 a.m. my eyes opened while the rest of me was screaming “Please no, don’t get up yet!!! There’s still time left for sleeping.”  Alas no, it was too late, I had already seen the light. So of course I did the first thing most people do between the ages of 12 and dead…looked at my cell phone to see what I had missed out on in the middle of the night (come on you know you do it too).  Much to my surprise I saw that my little blog had received 2 comments and 9 or so views.

Now I’m thinking at least 5 of those were me looking at my own blog trying to decide if I liked what I had started or if there were changes that needed to be made.  I’m still not sure about the theme I chose, don’t get me wrong, I like it an all, but I liked so many of them.  If you could have been next to me while I was choosing one you would have thought I had multiple personalities and they were arguing inside my head. I think I tried just about every free theme WordPress had to offer, but ultimately went back to this one because it was pretty.  LOL!  I’m a girl and I like pretty. Sue me.

So after checking my phone and completing all the other morning tasks one does I trudged out to the kitchen. I started up my computer, made some coffee, then sat down to see how my little blog was doing and to approve the comments. It felt so official. I’m sure in time if I should suddenly become all-the-rage it will be annoying to have to approve every comment and maybe there is a way to turn it off that I’m not aware of.  Any takers out there wanna help me out?

Once I had the oh so time consuming task of approving the comments I decided to work on a little card that I had been mulling over in my brain for a few days.  The inspiration for the card came from a YouTube video I had watched after we first got our Silhouette Cameo and I was trying to learn how to work it. The video was done by Chris416ward and she made an owl shaped happy birthday card.  I thought it was cute so I created my own version using what I had at my disposal.

Here is the card:

owl front with byline

owl inside with byline

I used our Cameo to cut out the owl parts and make the card base. For the sentiment on the front I used the same punch used for the inspirational owl card, but I used the print and cut feature of the Cameo to add the words.  Also used the print and cut feature of the Cameo to add the “Hope its a HOOT!” to the inside of the card, although I think it’s supposed to be “WHOOT!” Oh well too late now.

Again I have no one in particular to give it to, but I had time on my hands before my youngest, Liliana came back from her sleepover at Gma’s and the oldest, Alexandria (Alex or Kat or Al or Zandria…or whatever she wants to change it to this week), woke up.  She’s a teenager, they tend to sleep in.

Here is what I used:

Recollections card stock – light purple, light yellow, pink and orange

Patterned paper and green paper – no idea, just one of those pieces you can buy individually at craft stores, I had some scraps that I like to try to use up

Googly eyes

Ek Success 3-in-1 punch – I used the largest setting for the sentiment

Silhouette Cameo

Canon printer

I can’t think of anything else.   Enjoy!

Tomorrow I go back to work so I really need to go to bed now and wouldn’t you know it my eyes are the ones screaming this time. Go figure…LOL!


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