Organization or addiction, plus a much needed change…

So my husband has decided that I am addicted to making cards.  Right now our daughters and him are watching a movie and I am sitting at my craft table NOT watching the movie.  He rented some movie that a friend said was really good and I’m just not in the mood.  Granted lately, I will admit, I have been spending a great deal of time at the crafting table. In my defense I just organized the closet/craft table area in December and now I can craft to my heart’s content without having to drag all the tubs/bins/boxes out of the hall closet, use the counter/table where we eat as my surface, and them pack everything back up to put it back in the closet.  I almost never did anything because it was such a hassle.

My hall closet/craft storage before ....

My hall closet/craft storage before ….

The closet that now holds my craft stuff....

The closet that now holds my craft stuff….

The "crafting only" table and closet that used to be a dining room/breakfast table area.

The “crafting only” table and closet that used to be a dining room/breakfast table area.

What I love is that I can start a project get up and go to bed, cook a meal, run an errand, watch t.v., or do anything and I DON’T HAVE TO CLEAN UP A SINGLE THING!!!!! So am I addicted…maybe…but I say I am making up for lost time 🙂

So now let me show you what I have been up to with my new-found addiction/hobby:


This went to a friend of the family.


Sent this one to my little brother to tell him how proud of him I am that he will be graduating from college in just a few short weeks.

Trip to Vegas Card

I am traveling to Vegas to meet up with a group of friends from all over the U.S. Sent them all cards like this with notes about how excited I am for our upcoming girls vacay…

I made another card and sent to a friend that lives far away, but I forgot to take a photo before I sealed it in it’s envelope…sorry. 😦 It too had a U.S. cutout, but it had hearts and a little tiny airplane with what was supposed to look like sky-writing behind it that said “thinking of you.”   Really cute! My friend will love it.

As for the list of supplies—– paper, glue, time and energy….lol. I am too lazy to list everything. If you really must know about one detail or another leave me a comment and I will gladly share the goods.

What else have I been up to you ask, well, I was doing some “pinning” the other day on Pinterest and came across a blog written by a woman named Rachel. Her blog is and I was inspired to cut my hair.  I had long hair, not super model long, but my ponytail was probably a good 6 – 8 inches long (I had some layering).  I had been toying around with the idea of a major haircut for a while, but always chickened out.  Monday I took my girls out for breakfast…I LOVE being on SPRING BREAK…and was talking to my oldest, Alex, about the blog and the authors experiences with getting a pixie cut then trying to grow it out. Alex told me to stop being a weenie and go get it cut…”Uh, it’s only hair mom,” she said with an exaggerated exhale (i just love teenagers. Don’t you?)  So before I could weenie out I called and made an appointment.  At said appointment time I explained what I wanted, showed pictures and then closed my eyes (and crossed my fingers…lol).



I love it!!! I may even have to try a bit shorter next time.


Here is a before photo taken about 6 months ago (that’s my youngest Lily 🙂 )

Hope you are having a great week.  Happy Tuesday!!


I cheated on the big 3 and crafting with the Silhouette Cameo.

Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s, and Hobby Lobby…oh what great friends we have been these past few years.  But I must confess I cheated on you this weekend, not once, not twice, but 3 TIMES!!!  I love the convenience and proximity of these craft supply stores to where I live, but the variety of what they stock doesn’t change very often and isn’t always the most inspiring. The Paper Source does give me a lot of inspiration, but their stock doesn’t change all that often either.  I was looking for something different, something inspiring, some place that offers more than just the run of the mill.  In order to find these gems I have been reading a lot of blogs lately written by fellow paper crafters and researching the products that they use and talk about.

I don’t know why it never occurred to me before to see if there were other stores in my area, but it did yesterday.  I discovered 3 stores that are somewhat in my area.  By Design Scrapbook Boutique, Novel Approach and Archiver’s…let me just say that walking in to these three speciality stores was like finding a needle in a haystack.  Houston (have I told you I live in Houston, TX) is humongous and everything is a drive, unless you can afford to live in a cute condo/loft apartment in the heart of Rice Village/Heights/River Oaks…which I can not, so I live just outside the city.  I spend a lot of time in the city checking out new shops, restaurants, shows, and the like. I love the big city life!!! I grew up in a much smaller town many many miles north of TX, so I enjoy the city and all it offers.

For my first 2 stores I drove to the Clear Lake/Friendswood area. Both stores were well organized and had some interesting offerings. By Design Scrapbook Boutique had more scrapbooking supplies like stickers and embellishments (hence the  They also had a room in the back where you could borrow their cutting stuff and space to work, which I thought was pretty neat. Novel Approach had so many more stamps and inks than the other place, but also a lot of stickers and embellishments. Both places were worth visiting and I will go back when I am in that area…..BUT the last place I went, which was an hour away from where I was, made me feel like a kid in a candy store.  Archiver’s had so many different brands and such a huge variety that I was worried I was going to go broke in there. The only saving grace is that it is 40+miles from my house and on a good day with Houston traffic that’s about and hour. I have made a deal with myself that I will only go there once every OTHER month…I hope 🙂

My daughter and I had some time this afternoon to sit down and get our craft on.  We looked for some new cut files for the Silhouette with an Easter theme and came across this cute paper basket that she made. I also did a print and cut of a few Easter eggs for her to color.  Below is the photo:


She did a good job.  We added the little Easter egg decorations on the side as an after thought. They are from a different cut file in the Silhouette store that is a border row of eggs with the words Happy Easter underneath.  Inside you can see just a bit of the eggs she colored.

While she was working on getting everything glued down I was just playing around with some of the scrap papers we have and wanted to see how the other half of the border we got would turn out. The Happy Easter portion of the border is written in a very curvy script and I just couldn’t get it to cut cleanly.  I don’t know what the problem was. I tried probably 10 times using different settings, changing the size of the font or other tips I found online, but nothing worked.  Suggestions are definitely welcome if anyone out there has any to offer??? I did contact Silhouette by email and am awaiting a response. I’ll let you know what they say.  After giving up on the Happy Easter border I decided to just see what else I could make rather quickly so I could end my night with a success (didn’t want to go to sleep frustrated).  Below is what I made:


This card is really small and cute.It measures 3 1/8 in x 4 1/2 in and was cut using the Silhouette (and cut out very cleanly might I add). I added some Stickles for a bit of something shimmery. Punched out a small orange circle for the flower and coated it with glossy accents.  I know it’s nothing super fantastic, but I think it’s cute and simple and I know just who I will be giving this too later this week. 🙂

Happy Sunday!

2 Comments already! I feel so popular :) Oh and another card…

At 8:32 a.m. my eyes opened while the rest of me was screaming “Please no, don’t get up yet!!! There’s still time left for sleeping.”  Alas no, it was too late, I had already seen the light. So of course I did the first thing most people do between the ages of 12 and dead…looked at my cell phone to see what I had missed out on in the middle of the night (come on you know you do it too).  Much to my surprise I saw that my little blog had received 2 comments and 9 or so views.

Now I’m thinking at least 5 of those were me looking at my own blog trying to decide if I liked what I had started or if there were changes that needed to be made.  I’m still not sure about the theme I chose, don’t get me wrong, I like it an all, but I liked so many of them.  If you could have been next to me while I was choosing one you would have thought I had multiple personalities and they were arguing inside my head. I think I tried just about every free theme WordPress had to offer, but ultimately went back to this one because it was pretty.  LOL!  I’m a girl and I like pretty. Sue me.

So after checking my phone and completing all the other morning tasks one does I trudged out to the kitchen. I started up my computer, made some coffee, then sat down to see how my little blog was doing and to approve the comments. It felt so official. I’m sure in time if I should suddenly become all-the-rage it will be annoying to have to approve every comment and maybe there is a way to turn it off that I’m not aware of.  Any takers out there wanna help me out?

Once I had the oh so time consuming task of approving the comments I decided to work on a little card that I had been mulling over in my brain for a few days.  The inspiration for the card came from a YouTube video I had watched after we first got our Silhouette Cameo and I was trying to learn how to work it. The video was done by Chris416ward and she made an owl shaped happy birthday card.  I thought it was cute so I created my own version using what I had at my disposal.

Here is the card:

owl front with byline

owl inside with byline

I used our Cameo to cut out the owl parts and make the card base. For the sentiment on the front I used the same punch used for the inspirational owl card, but I used the print and cut feature of the Cameo to add the words.  Also used the print and cut feature of the Cameo to add the “Hope its a HOOT!” to the inside of the card, although I think it’s supposed to be “WHOOT!” Oh well too late now.

Again I have no one in particular to give it to, but I had time on my hands before my youngest, Liliana came back from her sleepover at Gma’s and the oldest, Alexandria (Alex or Kat or Al or Zandria…or whatever she wants to change it to this week), woke up.  She’s a teenager, they tend to sleep in.

Here is what I used:

Recollections card stock – light purple, light yellow, pink and orange

Patterned paper and green paper – no idea, just one of those pieces you can buy individually at craft stores, I had some scraps that I like to try to use up

Googly eyes

Ek Success 3-in-1 punch – I used the largest setting for the sentiment

Silhouette Cameo

Canon printer

I can’t think of anything else.   Enjoy!

Tomorrow I go back to work so I really need to go to bed now and wouldn’t you know it my eyes are the ones screaming this time. Go figure…LOL!

Thank you card

I created this simple “Thanks” card the other night after my youngest had gone to bed.  Currently I’m on winter break from my teaching job so I have a bit more time on my hands to do some crafting.  I don’t exactly have someone to send it to at the moment, but I didn’t want to let the idea get away from me.

I’m kinda a newbie at this whole card making thing so be kind with your criticisms. 🙂

Here is the list of supplies I used: (all purchased from a local hobby/crafting store)

Recollections – dark pink card stock

Martha Stewart – Stamp Around the Page

Color Box pigment ink – White

Offray “Spool O’ Ribbon” – green ribbon

the Paper Studio – polka dot paper

White card stock for embossed square and “Thanks” sentiment

Silhouette Studio – print and cut for the sentiment

Cuttlebug and embossing folder

my computer and printer

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